Celebrations Easy Dry Cloth Drying Stand (Multi-color)

Shading: Blue/Green/Red/Purple with Silver base – Will be transported according to accessibility

Solid, Sleek and Heavy Duty

Material: Jindal Aluminum tubes and MS Pipes for solidness – Powder Coated

Convenient all seasons effortlessly creases and unfurls can be moved anyplace required easily

Item portrayal

Fabric drying stand – simple dry (aluminum), smash hit item in its classification (material drying stand), this model nicknamed Celebrations Easy Dry has numerous clients in India and abroad ( more than 2.5 lakhs families). 100% top quality as far as item outline, determination, tough yet light weight, look and feel, the simple dry comes in different powder covered shades. Ladies’ closest companion for drying garments without a doubt for all seasons. The sides and the base stand are however made of solid ms funnels which are additionally powder covered (silver/white)for expanding the withstanding limit of wet garments. This is our quickest sold out and most looked for after model by customers. Simple dry is a multi shaded fabric drying stand. (blue, red, green and silver metallic(mix)). Perfect for all classification of the Indian family unit, women lodging, healing facility as it is light in weight and offers a rust confirmation encounter, this is the main model which has space to dry a wide range of Indian clothing and fundamentally sarees. As the middle segment has longer aluminum channels garments like sarees, bed materials and practically every other type of Indian clothing types are dried effectively, no amassing required and the item is sent in the prepared to utilize frame. Besides the stature of the dryer is in an extremely advantageous level permitting all matured ladies to dry the garments no sweat Major markets: Indian sub mainland( India, Srilanka), Middle East and Eastern Europe Undoubtedly every indian family units tremendously required home utility Additional elements: material: jindal aluminum tubes, ms funnels, plastic hedges weight: 5.4 kg Product Dimensions amid Use: Height of Easy Dry from ground: 44 inches Length of Easy Dry : 68 inches Breadth of Easy Dry: 22 inches Drying limit: 1 and half clothes washer stack. The amount it can hold? Approx. 55 kgs to 60 kgs of wet garments

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